Enemas in Detoxification and Cancer Treatment

Coffee enema

The coffee enema is capable of removing circulating toxins and partial metabolites because it stimulates an enzyme system in the liver called glutathione-s-transferase. It removes electrophiles (free radicals) by stepping up this system by 700%. No other materials other than coffee are known to do this. The blood passes through the liver every three minutes so when the coffee is held for 15 min, it gets five passes through the liver.

In addition, the theobromine, theophylline, and the caffeine in the coffee all have physiological effects. They dilate the blood vessels and bile ducts, relax the smooth muscles and increase the flow of bile. Furthermore, the quart of water in the gut stimulates the visceral nervous system which stimulates peristalsis. Net effect = the flushing of toxic bile.

We know a lot more today about the detoxification function of the liver than in Dr. Gerson’s day. We know it has two parts – Phase I and Phase II – two wash cycles so to speak. Some toxins are excreted after Phase I and others need a second wash in Phase II – they need to be conjugated with a carrier molecule. One of the most important systems of Phase II is the glutathione conjugation pathway which utilizes glutathione for the detoxification of deadly industrial toxins such as PCBs the for the breakdown of other carcinogens and xenobiotics including heavy metals.

Its activity accounts for 60% percent of the toxins excreted in the bile.

There are 6 detox pathways in Phase II (glutathione conjugation, sulfation, peptide conjugation (taurine and glycine) glucoronidation, acetylation and methylation. They have the ability to back up for one another.

Back to glutathione, it can get depleted with the constant stress of excess toxins and so even stimulating with the coffee, we need a reserve of glutathione. That is where dietary nutrients are so important. Some of the foods that support are the:

  • cruciferous vegetables
  • flax seed oil, fresh fruits
  • garlic
  • other vegetables
  • onions

Supplements that do this are:

  • CoQ10,
  • B-12
  • Vitamin C – Important for patients to eat a great variety of veggies.
  • Carotenes
  • Niacin
  • Milk thistle

The liver must also be able to detoxify tumor breakdown products.


The amount of juices in the therapy is matched with the number of coffee enemas, usually 3 to 5, equally spaced throughout the day. The coffee recommended is a special lightly roasted coffee. Since Dr. Gerson’s life, numerous research have shown that high temperature roasting generates carcinogenic compounds called acrylamides and black coffee is on the top of the list. As a part of the plan to eliminate carcinogens, we only use or recommend the lightly roasted coffee from s.a. Wilson’s  (see our resources section).

Scott Wilson created a coffee blend of organic coffee beans from South America, for special use for coffee enemas: s.a. Wilson’s Therapy Blend Coffee

Making and taking the coffee enema follows a specific procedure. The coffee is brewed for 20 minutes to eliminate aromatic compounds thought to promote cancer.

Taking the coffee enema requires to retain the fluid for 12 minutes. The coffee enema is used to help with the excretion of toxins from necrotizing tumors and body tissues. The coffee enemas are also useful to reduce pain. When possible, painkillers are eliminated to reduce the toxic burden on the liver. Studies have shown that coffee enemas can also increase production of glutathione and promote the absorption of an estimated 100,000 IU of vitamin A provided by the absorption of beta-carotene from the carrot juices.

Instructions for Coffee Enema Recipes for Preparing the Coffee

by Morton Walker, DPM.

Enemas made from drip-ground boiled coffee have proven themselves as an advantageous means of restoring a dysfunctional liver. The caffeine drug in coffee administered as an enema definitely detoxifies the liver and is a primary therapeutic approach of the Gerson Therapy. “This treatment should be followed strictly, both in the clinic and later at home, for at least two years…The liver is the main organ for the regeneration of the body’s metabolism for the transformation of food from intake to output,” writes Dr. Gerson.


a lecture by Gar Hildenbrand

The coffee enema is capable of removing circulating toxins and partial metabolites for one specific reason, and that is that the coffee enema not only dilates bile ducts – which Gerson knew – we now know, from the work of Wattenberg, Sparnins, and Lam at the University of Minnesota, Department of Pathology, Minneapolis, that coffee stimulates an enzyme system in the liver, glutathione-S-transferase, that is capable of removing a vast variety of electrophiles from the bloodstream. Electrophiles are referred to in popular literature as free radicals.


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