Hearing a diagnosis of cancer can be perceived as a death sentence. Often the doctor accompanies his verdict with a date. Fear and panic sets in. Some patients fulfill their doctor’s prophecy and die timely. Others decide their time has not come and want to live. For those who decide that life has something to offer to them, the Gerson therapy offers hope and perspective.
Dr. Gerson showed us the path of the hero to wellness. He did not believe in incurable disease. He had tremendous faith in life. His lifetime work and dedication has been a precious tool for both patients and practitioners. From his personal experience, patients learn determination to heal, regardless of prognostics from the medical authorities. Read Further
“Change the internal environment so the malignancy cannot survive, bring the body to a vitality to enable it to generate a healing inflammation (digestion of tumor), then eliminate the tumor products and other toxins in the body and you would see a healing.” “What is essential is not the growth itself, or the visible symptoms: it is the damage of the whole metabolism, including the loss of defense, immunity and healing power.” Read Further
Nutrition and Diet in Gerson Therapy
Juices on the Gerson Therapy are a critical aspect of the regimen providing most of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals and other nutrients essential to healing along with adequate fluid intake. We are often asked why patients cannot simply eat the foods instead of making them into juices, as there is no fiber content to the juice, and invariably some nutrition is lost in the juicing process.


Coffee Enemas in Gerson Therapy
by Morton Walker, DPM.

Enemas made from drip-ground boiled coffee have proven themselves as an advantageous means of restoring a dysfunctional liver. The caffeine drug in coffee administered as an enema definitely detoxifies the liver and is a primary therapeutic approach of the Gerson Therapy. “This treatment should be followed strictly, both in the clinic and later at home, for at least two years…The liver is the main organ for the regeneration of the body’s metabolism for the transformation of food from intake to output,” writes Dr. Gerson.


a lecture by Gar Hildenbrand

The coffee enema is capable of removing circulating toxins and partial metabolites for one specific reason, and that is that the coffee enema not only dilates bile ducts – which Gerson knew – we now know, from the work of Wattenberg, Sparnins, and Lam at the University of Minnesota, Department of Pathology, Minneapolis, that coffee stimulates an enzyme system in the liver, glutathione-S-transferase, that is capable of removing a vast variety of electrophiles from the bloodstream. Electrophiles are referred to in popular literature as free radicals.


Some toxins are endotoxins: they are created by our own system – they come from the foods we eat, and from the daily wear-and-tear in our bodies. Other toxins are exotoxins: They come from the enviroment. The most frequent exposure to exotoxins comes from the house. Because we are unable to feel, see, smell, or taste many household toxins at first contact, it is important to be aware of the most common household toxins and to proactively prevent or reduce our exposure to them.
Mercury is highly toxic heavy metal more so than lead, cadmium or arsenic. Methylmercury and mercury vapors are the most toxic forms. Dental amalgams are approximately 50% mercury. One average size amalgam filling contains about 780 milligrams of mercury, which is enough to exceed the USEPA non-dietary Mercury Intake Standard for over 100 years. Mercury is not locked into the amalgam and exposure increases with chewing, brushing or heat.