Assessment & Reservation

Step 1: Assessment

To reserve for a  Gerson Therapy and Alternative Cancer Treatment program, please take the following steps:

Write an essay relating the chronological story of your illness. Include all events preceding the onset of the disease that may have played a role in its development. Include toxic exposure, radiation, mental and emotional issues, relationships, losses- financial or human or animal- unfinished business, grieving process, unfulfilled expectations, set of values, conditioning, or other mental emotional issues. Also include treatments you undertook and the rate of their success. Write about your state of health during these last 20 years, and your projection for the future. Write about the appreciation of your illness as a teacher, what you have learned and what you still have to learn. Write about your will to live and what you would like to accomplish in the future. This essay is a very important step in gathering your strength for healing.

Complete the Gerson Therapy & Comprehensive Alternative Cancer Treatment Patient Information and Medical History questionnaire. Download the questionnaire as a Word Doc  (your browser will prompt you to Save As) or   PDF File.

Application - WORD   Application - PDF  

Send a copy of your diagnosis, most recent laboratory results and imaging studies reports. We need a CBC, a metabolic panel and a urinalysis. If you did not have any blood work done, let us know and we will complete a requisition for you. Download a Medical Records Release Authorization Form, if you need one.

Records Release   

Mail, e-mail or fax your essay and questionnaire, and pay the application/registration fee of $300.

Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center is HIPAA compliant. Read or download our Privacy Notice.


Mailing address: Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center , attn: Patient Services, 239 Haili St., Hilo, HI 96720.

Fax: 808-443-0313


Assessment Fee: $300

For the application fee we accept personal credit cards over the phone (call 808-933-4400), cashiers checks, international money order or money wires.

The application fee is non-refundable. It covers an evaluation and assessment of your case, consultation and recommended treatment plan/program with a prepared estimate for your proposed program/treatment.

Step 2: Reservation

You will receive:

  • An evaluation and assessment of your case
  • A consultation
  • Recommended treatment plan/program
  • Prepared estimate for your proposed program and treatment

When you decide to go ahead with the proposed program and treatment plan, you are required to pay 50% of your estimate to reserve your program. We accept cash, cashiers checks or wire transfers for the first 50% of the payment.

Please mail cashiers checks to: Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center, attn: Patient Services, 239 Haili St., Hilo, HI 96720.

At this point you have reserved your program and can coordinate with our office for arrival dates and working out traveling details.


Step 3: Arrival

Upon arrival the balance of your program cost will be due and this includes all additional charges for supplements, IV Therapy, Iscador etc. that was layed out in your prepared estimate.

We accept credit cards or cash for payment upon arrival as well as cashiers checks. Customers outside of the U.S should wire their payment to Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center account prior to their arrival.

Upon arrival we will also need to keep credit card information on file for additional services or treatments that you may order.

In the case of a friend or relative paying for your program by credit card, it is necessary that your benefactor sign the  Third Party Credit Card Payment Form and fax it back to us at 808-443-0313. It can also be e-mailed to

Cancellation Policy

Please review our cancellation policy carefully:
If cancellation is made TWO weeks or more before arrival date, you will receive a full refund.

If cancellation is made less than TWO weeks before arrival, you will receive an 80% refund.   If cancellation is made after arrival, there will be no refund without a medical emergency; a credit can be issued toward a future stay within one year.

In case of a medical emergency, a refund will be made for the unused portion of your stay.   In the case of booking tours and trips while at the retreat a 24-hour notice is required for cancellation of tours and trips to receive a full refund.  

When you start your detoxification and cancer treatment program with us we strongly encourage you to complete the process. It is natural for the detoxification and healing process to be unsettling and uncomfortable. It is important to us to see you through this. When people leave in the middle of the process the consequences can be detrimental to their health, both psychologically and physically. We find that resistance to change is strongest in the first few days. Our refund policy is intended to support your transition to health.

We are looking forward to assisting you on your road to recovery.